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My knees were in bad shape from a fall I had over 40 years ago.  I re-injured my left knee in March of 2015 by slipping on ice.  I was on crutches and my doctor had sent my name to the local Alberta medicare knee committee for consideration for surgery.

I went to a post knee operation physiotherapy program run by University of Calgary where an angel got me from crutches to cane and sometimes without a cane in 2 months.  She, my doctor and I agreed that it was far better for me to be in Salinas Ecuador for winter then icy, slippery  Red Deer with a cane for the winter of 2016.

In Salinas, an expat who had had stem cell treatment recommended Dr. Chiriboga.  I went to see him.  What most impressed me on my first visit, was his honesty and straight forwardness.  After analyzing my x-rays, he rated my left knee as 3.6 and my right knee as 3.4.  If the number had been over 4, he would have recommended an artificial knee.  He told me that in his experience stem cell treatment would alleviate pain and swelling 67% of the time with knees as bad as mine.

I took the stem cell treatment and it worked!  I have been pain free and swelling free since then!

After I returned to Canada , I got a phone call from the local knee committee that they would be able to see me in late April or early May.  A wait of over a year from the injury!  Then it would be up to a year’s wait to have surgery.  If you are a Canadian and your wait time looks like it will be as long as mine (and you don’t have political connections to get you into the system) you may want Dr Chiriboga to do stem cells to control pain while waiting for surgery instead of risking getting hooked on pain killers.

Combining Salinas with surgery by Dr Chiriboga may be  a good idea for you.  Salinas is a beach town that is flat (easy to get around), has moderate temperatures and always has a cooling breeze. It also has many expats and Ecuadorians who speak English.  It is inexpensive and a 2 hour (Greyhound quality) bus ride from Dr Chiribogas’ Guayaquil office..


If you have any questions, you can contact me at SkyeLeod@gmail.com and I’ll try to answer them

I highly recommend Dr Chiriboga