Dra. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie. M


My name is Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie. My career area of expertise is children with disabilities. This includes physical, mental or emotional challenges, anything that could go wrong in nature.

My teacher’s certification is Cross-Category. My responsibility included victims of deafness, blindness, autism, Downs Syndrome, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and many others. My approach was always to consider the Whole Child to overcome their life challenges.

My childhood years were spent as the primary caregiver of my mother. She wore a full body brace due to a accident at age 3, and a lifetime of botched back surgeries. As a result of that experience, and years of study of the human body, I have little respect for most medical professionals. Normally, medical doctors look only at the current complaint of the patient. Then they write a prescription for a drug, ignore everything else, and send you home.

I take no medication of any kind. I have always taken responsibility for my health. I assumed, in the past, that no one else cared as much as I do about my health. That was before I met Dr. Carlos Chiriboga Accini.

I knew as I entered the office of Dr. Chiriboga that I had crossed into an entirely different approach to healing. Dr. Chiriboga began by:

  • asking about old medical problems
  • he wanted to know my emotional responses to any medical challenges,
  • he asked about my level of pain at each visit,
  • he asked about my needs at any level,
  • and he asked about what I wanted to have as a result of this healing process WE were starting.

He asked, and he really listened. He made me feel like a team member in this process. He has always considered my Whole Body. He is always humble about how the body heals itself because of the choices we make in helping that process. I totally trust him to make the best choices for my well being.

My pre-surgery pain management included Whole Body health enhancements. I have had weeks of IV drips to make me the very best I can be.

  • I was awake during my hip replacement.
  • I was moving my toes to music the same day that I got my new hip.
  • My hospital stay was flawless.
  • I have healed in record time.
  • I have no more hip pain, none at all.
  • I have my life back.

To date, I have 13 friends who have experienced the same type of outcome from entering the offices of Dr. Carlos Chiriboga Accini. I suggest you be the next happy ending to finding medical solutions for your health challenges.